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The Last Hero: Day 1

All my thoughts, feelings, and even favorite quotations from my first reading session of The Last Hero!

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Currently Reading: Special Edition! Discworld’s The Last Hero

Exactly last year, my older sister gave me a special birthday gift. The Discworld Fable, The Last Hero. It’s a classic Discworld story that brings together a lot of otherwise separate characters into a single plot.

In honor of my birth month, and probably the best gift a Discworld nerd and bookworm could receive, I’ll be doing a special reading journal this month featuring The Last Hero!

I will put my actual thoughts, feelings and opinions under a cut to prevent spoilers for first-time readers.

It’s time to take the book into my hands and revisit this amazing tale. See you all on the flipside!
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As of now, I ran out of time to read Equal Rites before the digital license expired and someone else borrowed it. But that's okay! I will get to it and finish it!

I have another addition to "Currently Reading", a very special story that is near and dear to my heart.

Stay tuned for the official post!
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Here are more thoughts, feelings and theories about the Discworld novel, "Equal Rites," which is part of the Book of the Month over at [community profile] onthedisc.

As always, my reactions will be just under the cut so that first-time readers won't encounter any spoilers. Day 2 of my reading was very brief, but Day 3 left more substance.

Let's dive right into it!

Equal Rites: Day 2 and 3 )
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My first day (and first read) of the Discworld Novel, Equal Rites as part of the Book of the Month for [community profile] onthedisc!

All my reactions, thoughts, and feelings will be located below the cut so other first-time readers can avoid spoilers!

With all that squared away, let's take a look at my first batch of reading notes!

Equal Rites: Day 1 )

And that's all I have time for today. Stay tuned for the next installment of Currently Reading!
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 Hey Discworld fans, and other readers of my journal!

I'm going to do a series of updates for my personal journal that will be tagged #Currently Reading, and #Lynn Reads, where I will give reactions to the books I read, including my personal feelings, the references I notice, and little bits of speculation that come with every good book.

In this edition of Currently Reading, I will be covering the Discworld novel Equal Rites.

Depending on how this works out, I might branch out and make this a session with other books beyond the Discworld verse!

To avoid any spoilers I will always place text under a cut.

If I feel inclined, I may do a larger review of the book I'm currently reading as a whole when I'm finished with it.

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Happy 2019, readers!

I realized I spaced this off but with the holidays, me being sick (again,) I haven't had much time to update this all that much.

I'm part of a meta comm on here, which is cool, but I'll probably post my headcanons/meta stuff on my personal journal here as well just to have it multiple places I can access.

I'll do my best to put it under a read-more!

Since I haven't been flagged on Tumblr yet as far as I know, I've been given some time to truly back up what's important to me.

I hope we have a great 2019!

Mine was a little bit of a rough start, but I'm gonna keep on keepin' on.
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I'm not sure if I have many, if anyone who will read this, but here goes.

Logout 2018 on Tumblr is almost here. It feels like the weekend almost went by too fast, but when the time calls for action, I will answer.

I am not sure how much of a difference this will make, but I hope that it will make some small impact. The important thing is that everyone does their part.

While I am participating in this, I will start to gather the meta and theories I have made for my favorite media and post them here, once they are organized.

If anything, I just want this to be an archive, one I can go back to and look at if I ever feel the need or want to revisit old thoughts and add to my ongoing theories.

In due time, I will get everything up here, but behind a "read more" because I do get quite wordy at times!

Despite the animosity that surrounds me moving platforms, I am still somewhat hopeful. I've heard good things about Dreamwidth, and I'm happy to know that our thoughts and dreams aren't up for sale here.
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This will probably be very similar to entries post by a flood of users joining in 2018, but I'm going to give a little background about why I'm here.

Read more... )~ Lynn
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 Good Evening, Dreamwidth Netizens!

My first journal/post/other entries on every website seem to be the same.  I'm always so formal at the beginning!  But a few of my fellows already know me, and I hope to find some familiar usernames along the way as I learn how things work here little by little!

I'm a fanfic writer, for those interested (and some of y'all already know, of course!)  My track record for finishing might not be the best but I will still make a go of it.

Memes, video links, pictures, fic, and RP, I love it all!  This is part of what makes the internet wonderful and I'll be more than happy to join everyone here!

I'll be seeing you around!

~ Lynn 


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